Mind Transformation Session
FREE MIND TRANSFORMATION SESSION: let's overcome Fear, anxiety and other Limitations, together!
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Providing solutions, exercises, and information to eliminate unproductive thoughts. Learn how to overcome your obstacles by using the most powerful tool given to men and women, the mind!
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Mind Transformation Session:

Understand the Why and How of the Mind!

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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
1. Understand: Applied Knowledge is Power.
Learn why these challenges come up in our lives and ways we can change them.
2. Discuss: What's your major challenge?
Everyone's situation is different, tell me what your looking to achieve next.
3. Solutions: Specific Tools and Resources.
Information is great, now put it into practice with key takeaways to positively move forward.
Chantelle Simone
About The Speaker:
Chantelle Simone is a Mindologist with over 19 years in the training and coaching industry. She helped thousands of people shift their thinking from ‘problem’ into ‘solution’ domestically and across the globe. Her master certifications in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Business Process Re-engineering assisted in her goal to remove mindset blocks such as fear, anxiety, confusion, burnout, procrastination, and limiting self-worth that are sabotaging peoples' careers and lives and gets you on the right track of living a purposeful life. 

She uses powerful mind-body-spirit techniques for you to achieve your desired results by bringing clarity, peace, and confidence in who you are.
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Mind Transformation Session